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ITF President lays out international labour vision
Wednesday, 29 June 2011 18:23

ITF (International Transport Workers’ Federation) President Paddy Crumlin promised a redoubled defence of workers’ rights yesterday when he addressed the International Brotherhood of Teamsters’ International Convention in Las Vegas, USA.

“We come here committed to forging an even stronger alliance and friendship in fighting with you across the globe to stop the war against workers,” he told the audience.

“We are here to organise alongside you for our working rights.

“We are here because we are angry about what is being done to workers and because we want to do something about it.

“We are here to get those rights back, our labour freedom back from the thieves and carpetbaggers robbing us with one hand and patting themselves on the back with the other.

“We are here because of the lies said about our unions and our labour movement and because we want the truth to resonate across our workplaces and be heard in all of our communities and nations.”

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