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Battle Surface: Lawson P. “Red” Ramage and the War Patrols of the USS Parche
Monday, 06 June 2011 15:32


Author: Stephen L. Moore
Publisher: The Naval Institute Press

From Baird Maritime

The United States Navy operated fewer than 230 submarines in the Second World War. Of those more than 20 per cent were lost.

Despite those discouraging odds America’s submarine force was outstandingly effective. They eliminated eighty per cent of Japan’s merchant shipping and a very significant part of its navy.

Much of that achievement was due to the Nelsonian, Cochranist “Go at ‘em” approach of the commanders of a number of those submarines.

Red Ramage, was one of seven American submarine skippers to be awarded the Medal of Honor. When you read this excellent book it is not difficult to see why.

Ordering information:

The Naval Institute Press
Annapolis, USA

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