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The Last Century Of Sea Power Volume 2: From Washington to Tokyo, 1922-1945
Monday, 30 May 2011 15:12


Author: H.P. Willmott
Publisher: Indiana University Press

From Baird Maritime
Probably more accurately described as the “Last half century of sea power”, the two volumes of this series so far produced cover 1894 to 1945.

That, though, is a mere quibble. What we have here is thoroughly researched and densely packed with statistics, facts and comment. It offers a comprehensive and intensely detailed overview of the world’s navies during this hyper active period of maritime warfare and the preludes to it and aftermaths of it.

The enormous amount of statistical data included in the book make it undoubtedly the most important available single source of such information. It also ensures a fascinating read for anyone in any way interested in naval warfare.
Exceptionally valuable.
Ordering information:

Indiana University Press
Bloomington, USA.

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